Best Sports Academy in Lucknow: MJ Badminton Academy

Best Sports Academy in Lucknow

Do you want to improve your badminton skills and are looking for the best sports academy in Lucknow? You can’t go wrong with MJ Badminton Academy. With a tradition of greatness and a guarantee of sustaining ability, the MJ Badminton Foundation remains a signal of sports training in Lucknow.

A Place of Excellence of Best Sports Academy in Lucknow

At MJ Badminton Academy, we understand the significance of quality sports coaching in nurturing young talent and fostering a passion for sports. Our academy is not just about training; it’s about creating an environment where aspiring athletes can flourish.

Unveiling the MJ Sports Academy

1. All-encompassing Preparation for Future Stars

Our institute offers an all-encompassing way to deal with preparing. We centre around the specialized parts of badminton as well as mental moulding and actual wellness. Our master mentors work intimately with understudies to construct areas of strength for in all areas.

2. Cutting-edge Offices

We accept that top-notch preparation requires elite offices. There are modern badminton courts, fitness centres, and recovery areas at our academy. Our athletes are provided with everything they need to succeed as a result of this

3. Customized Coaching Programs

Programs for Individualized Coaching Each athlete is unique, and their training should reflect this. We provide individualized coaching programs that are tailored to each student’s specific requirements and objectives. This customized approach separates us as the best games foundation mentors in Lucknow

Our Expert Coaches: Guiding Lights

1. Meet Head Mentor: Mr Agha Shakir Hussain

  •  Meet Head Tutor: Mr Agha Shakir Hussain, an internationally renowned badminton coach and international umpire, serves as “Head Mentor” at the Academy to improve the skills of national badminton players.
  • Participated in a variety of tournaments at the national level as a “Player” for the U.P. State team. Filled in as “Lead trainer” in BBD UP Badminton Foundation, Lucknow from the year 2009 to 2016. He is unique in the fraternity for his cutting-edge court skills and methods.

2. Meet the mentor: Mr. Saurav Agarwal

NIS Confirmed Badminton Trainer is filling in as a “Tutor” at the Foundation for giving preparation to fledglings as well as expert players. Additionally addressed India as a “Mentor” of the Indian Junior Badminton Crew which partook in the Junior Global Competition in Indonesia in the year 2015. He has likewise played in different public badminton competitions and has immense gaming experience before

Stories of Success: From Dreams to the Real World

1. Emerging Star: Ananya Khanna

Ananya Khanna, a youthful wonder, began her excursion with MJ Badminton Institute at 10 years old. She now represents the nation at a variety of international tournaments thanks to consistent training and unwavering support. Her example of overcoming adversity is a demonstration of our institute’s devotion.

2. From Beginner to Public Level: Rajat Kapoor

Rajat Kapoor, a decided individual, got our institute together with a fantasy about contending at the public level. He qualified for nationals and won a bronze medal thanks to his hard work and our expert coaching. His process moves others skyward.

Join Us Today!

At MJ Badminton Academy, we don’t simply mentor players; we support champions. We are the best sports academy coaching in Lucknow thanks to our dedication to excellence, cutting-edge facilities, and knowledgeable instructors. Go along with us today and set out on an excursion of development, expertise upgrade, and achievement.


What is the age range for joining the academy?

Our academy welcomes aspiring badminton players aged 8 and above.

Can beginners enrol, or is prior experience necessary?

All skill levels are welcome. Our customized coaching caters to beginners as well as experienced players.

Are there opportunities for competitive play?

Yes, we provide ample opportunities for students to participate in local and national-level tournaments.

How do I book a trial session?

Booking a trial session is easy. Visit our website or call our hotline to schedule a trial.

What sets MJ Badminton Academy apart from other sports academies?

Our personalized coaching approach, experienced coaching staff, and world-class facilities make us a cut above the rest.

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