Free Badminton Training Sessions for 15 days for Under 18

Free Badminton Training Sessions for 15 days for Under 18

Free Badminton Training Sessions: MJ Sports Academy is thrilled to announce a golden opportunity for young badminton enthusiasts in the heart of sports excellence. We are providing a completely free 15-day intensive badminton training program only to those under the age of 18. This drive means to encourage adoration for the game, support ability, and give a stage to youthful players to level up their abilities.

Dates: February 1, 2024, to February 15, 2024.
The free badminton instructional courses will be led for more than a 15-day time frame, beginning on 1, February 2024] and closing on [15 January 2024].

Why Choose MJ Sports Academy for Free Badminton Training Sessions

1. Master Instructing Staff:

Our training sessions are led by experienced badminton coaches with a lot of experience. They are devoted to giving their insight, improving the abilities of youthful players, and cultivating energy for the game.

2. Exceptional Facilities:

At MJ Sports Academy, we grasp the significance of a favourable climate for preparing. Our a-list offices give the ideal setting to players to foster their game, from very much kept up with courts to state of the art preparing hardware

3. Modules for Comprehensive Training:

The 15-day program is intended to cover all parts of badminton, including specialized abilities, key interactivity, functional preparation, and mental versatility. Members can anticipate that a comprehensive methodology that caters should their general improvement as competitors.

4. Training based on age:

Perceiving the special requirements of youthful players, our program is custom-fitted to suit different age gatherings. We carry out age-fitting preparation strategies to guarantee that every member gets the most significant and compelling training.

Information about the program:


Instructional meetings will run from Morning to Evening every day.


MJ Sports Academy, [IISE College Campus, Kanchana Bihari Marg, Kalyanpur, Lucknow, U.P., India].


Open to people under 18 years of age intensely for badminton. No related knowledge is required; amateurs are gladly received!

The most effective method to Enlist:

Visit our Site:

Explore our authority site MJ Sports Academy to find the enrollment structure.

Fill in the Structure:

Complete the enrollment structure with the fundamental subtleties, guaranteeing exactness.


Complete the form and then submit it online. You will receive additional instructions in an email that serves as a confirmation.

Advantages of the Free Preparation Program

Enhancement of Skills:

Through individual coaching and specialized training, participants will see a significant improvement in their badminton skills.

Health and Fitness:

The program helps participants improve their agility, stamina, and overall athleticism by emphasizing the significance of physical fitness.

Mental tenacity:

Mentors will impart mental versatility and key reasoning, essential components for outcomes in cutthroat badminton.

Organizing potential Open doors:

Members will get the opportunity to cooperate with individual fans, making a strong local area that shares a typical enthusiasm for the game.


Try not to pass up on this unimaginable chance to kick off your badminton process with MJ Sports Academy. Our obligation to support youthful ability and advance the adoration for badminton separates us. Register now, and let the 15-day preparation program be the impetus for your future progress in the realm of badminton. Release your true capacity – MJ Sports Academy is here to direct you constantly!


Q: Who is eligible to participate in the free 15-day badminton training sessions at MJ Sports Academy?

A: The training sessions are open to individuals under 18 years old. All skill levels are welcome, including beginners.

Q: When will the training sessions take place?

A: The training program will run from December 26, 2023, to January 10, 2024.

Q: Where will the training sessions be held?

A: All training sessions will take place at MJ Sports Academy, located at [Insert Address].

Q: How can I register for the free badminton training program?

A: To register, visit our official website and complete the online registration form. You will receive a confirmation email with further details.

Q: Is there a registration deadline for the training program?

A: While there is no strict deadline, we encourage early registration as spots are limited. Secure your spot by registering at your earliest convenience.

Q: Are there any prerequisites or prior experience required to participate?

A: No prior experience is required. The training program is designed for participants of all skill levels, including those who are new to the sport.

Q: Are there specific age groups for the training sessions?

A: The program caters to individuals under 18, and training modules are designed with age-appropriate techniques to suit different groups.

Q: Can I attend the training sessions if I can’t make it for the full 15 days?

A: While we encourage full participation, we understand that scheduling conflicts may arise. Participants are welcome to attend as many sessions as their schedule allows.

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